Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parisian Pictures

Note to all those who look at this:

There is a prerequisite to viewing these pictures. First, you must read the past two blog entries. Only then you may proceed to looking at these fabulous pictures. I promise that it will be much more enjoyable this way.

Best Wishes, Natalie.

Waiting to get on the train!

My first picture with the Tower. There are many more to come.
Sooo pretty

The front of Versailles. As normal please ignore the scaffolding.
Golden Gates!
Being stylish in the Hall of Mirrors

The massive grounds I talked about. You can't even see all of it.

The house we decided looked like Belle's house in Marie Antoinette's village.

I know that when you all imagine Versailles the first thing you picture is this serverly overweight cow.

Pondering the tower...

It was time to get more original.

The Arc de Triumph

The sweet view from the top of one of the incredibly long streets

More cityscape

The coolest dealership I've ever seen

On top of Notre Dame. I think he's about to eat the Eiffle Tower.

Pretending to be gargoyles in front. I think we really pull it off.

The back. Check out those flying buttresses! Oh yes humanities.

Being modern art at the Pompidou

The best pizza place ever. It's next to the Louvre.

The Louvre at night.

The statues I got way excited about. Compare to the next picture.

See? I think it's a little warmer in this one though...

Napolean's tomb

Outside the Dome Church

Cool park in front of the Louvre.

Me in front of the Louvre. Can you tell we spent a lot of time here?

We even went inside the Louvre!

Bonding with Monet. Don't worry we were allowed to take pictures.

Monet up close and personal

Me and Renoir. Good times.

Notre Dame at night

You so want to be on this street right now

From the second level of the Eiffle Tower.

Chillin' with Lady Liberty

A puddle on the cool path we got to walk down.

Ta da! it's the Eiffle Tower from the front in the day.

Delicious choclate covered apple at the Christmas fair.

The remains of an amazing waffle. Just imagine it.

Yummy Tarts
Viva la Paris!

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